New - Fall 2014

October 24 and 25, 2014

Investigators Clinical Research Training and Certification in Europe

 Clinical Research Training for Science and Medical Professionals 
2 days intensive full-time, in-class, hands-on programs, read more or REGISTER NOW

New in Europe

Fall 2014

October 24 & 25

GCP (Good Clinical Practices) Training for Principal Investigators  

Creating Clinical Research Competency

2 day full time program

This course is customized to introduce Principal Investigators of academia and those working for industry-sponsored clinical trials on how to successfully conduct clinical trials at the investigators site. All requirements are reviewed and real cases scenarios are presented to allow the participant understand compliance to regulatory requirements, communication to ethics boards and their responsibilities. Register Now - limited spaces available

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Our programs provide the Clinical Research Competency required to perform the job

  • We are Time Efficient with a full time 2-3 day specific certificate programs and diploma programs of  3 or 4 months program 

  • We are hands on, where you will learn with real examples and take home all necessary materials and reference notes

  • We are in class, face to face, fully interactive

  • Taught by experienced professionals where you will meet international industry professionals and learn from them 

  • We meet all in one place, with state of the arts facilities

  • You will network with your peers

We offer as part of the Certification and Diploma Program, a complete training and education in clinical research from introductory  to full proficiency levels to allow participants to focus on learning achieving the highest professional standards. 

Our graduates and Certified Clinical Research Professionals  are  going to have access to a broader job market, and will meet employer’s needs more efficiently. Although certification is not mandatory to work in the industry, it has become greatly favored.

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Free Mini Webinar - Introduction to Clinical Research 

New in Europe

Fall 2014 - Monitoring Training

3 day full time program

Are you contemplating in becoming a Monitor of Clinical Trials?, this three day full time hands on introductory course will provide you with the basics of monitoring studies. This program is tailored for the beginner with a degree in medicine, pharmacy or other related science.

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Clinical Research and Development is a highly regulated discipline, therefore strict observance of requirements is needed. Changes in regulations and requirements occur daily. The clinical research personnel must be trained and updated at the highest industry standards to achieve development targets on time. Qualifications must be supported by training and experience, and ongoing training is required. We at the European Academy for Clinical Research provide you the necessary training to achieve the highest standards of qualifications.

Our Programs

Global Research Pharma Canada and EduPharma in collaboration with the Clinical Research Institute of America and under the auspices of the Institute for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Belgrade (Institute for Rehabilitation), have developed a unique certification program that is flexible and accessible to all research professionals worldwide seeking to acquire the highest quality education and training in the industry. The Clinical Research Program in Europe welcomes participants from all the world including the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). more info

Our Location

We located this program strategically in Belgrade, close to most of the largest cities in the world. A cosmopolitan city, with all the possible amenities, easy access and affordability were the main criteria for selecting this location. more info

 Looking for a Job in Clinical Research

Clinical Research is a global discipline and jobs are available in the ICH countries where clinical trials are being run effectively. Qualified and well trained clinical research professionals are in high demand .

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Our program mentor

The Director of R&D and Training, Dr. Vera Mihajlovic-Madzarevic is a renowned published author and scientist with global experience who has devoted more than 25 years to the development of new therapies. Her books includes The Clinical Trials Audit Preparation, A Guide for Good Clinical Practices Inspections. June 1, 2010  0470248858  978-0470248850 

Clinical Trials Audit Preparation by Vera Mihajlovic- Madzarevic: Book Cover


"To help the reader, in addition to the detailed and meticulous discussions in the book's five chapters, appendices provide ready access to fundamental literature . . .Clinical Trials Audit Preparation is recommended to readers, and receives the JCS Library Award." (Journal for Clinical Studies, 1 November 2010)

"Clinical Trials Audit Preparation: A Guide for Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Inspections" is a comprehensive manual for avoiding inspections, preparing for inspections, and being inspected. It is also a useful guide for inspectors." (Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices, 6 June 2011)